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High Street at Hilton
High Street at Hilton
Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, High Street at Hilton Surfers Paradise is set to become a renowned premium retail destination. This animation pushes the limits of architectural visualisation with a single uninterrupted camera move for over 4 minutes. Consisting of over 30 distinct retail outlets...

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Nextgen Reality Pty. Ltd.
328 Scottsdale Drive, Robina
Queensland, 4226, Australia

P: +61 7 5502 1132

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Client Feedback

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"Great guys to work with. Nothing is ever a problem, they just get on with it and deliver a first class project."

- Kirsty Strower
Business Development Manager,
ProMotion Multimedia



It can be difficult to convey a vision that truly represents the image & lifestyle of a unique development. Selling from plans is arduous and is often confusing for prospective buyers. Physical models are a great tool, but lack internal detail and perspectives on many fundamentals such as views. Having extensively studied the needs of the industry, NextGen Reality has developed a proprietary interactive touch screen sales system that can take your prospective client on a virtual tour of your fledgling - or indeed booming - development. From high definition photo realistic 3D fly-throughs of exteriors, apartments & facilities, right through to real-time, dynamically updatable, sales matrices & interactive floor plans / plates, our touch screen kiosk systems have proven to be the most effective way to maximise sales potential.


Each system is custom tailored to your project’s specific needs. Whether its a stand-alone unit or seamless integration into a sales office built from the ground up, NextGen Reality will ensure maximum impact and usability giving your development the marketing edge.

Emerald Lakes




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Sales / Marketing Agents Wanted
January 5th, 2008

We're looking for motivated, self-driven, enthusastic marketing people located in all parts of the world.

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Unannounced Feature Film Teaser Completion
Decemember 15, 2008
Shark Teaser

Completed work on an unannounced Feature Film's CG teaser. Click the image above for a look at a select few images. We hope to have approval to showcase the entire teaser soon..

Feature Film project
October 22, 2008

Visual effect shots produced for unannounced feature film.

'Sculpt Studio' technology demo
September 3, 2008
Sculpt Studio

Completed work on our new advanced lighting setups for interior renders, providing an even greater level of realism for our clients - take a look at our sample 'Sculptor's Studio' renders by clicking on the image above.

Pinot Grigio Cinema promotion
August 28, 2008

Visual effect shot completed for National cinema campaign.

Mirtna Capital promo
August 14, 2008

Agent: Pro Motion. Campaign launch for investment group Mirtna Capital.

Raptis wins 2008 UDIA marketing award
June 27, 2008
Hilton Award
Congratulations to the Raptis Group for winning the 2008 UDIA award for marketing excellence for the Gold Coast Hilton. We are pleased to have been involved in such an innovative and prestigious project and look forward to producing more award-winning world class marketing materials with them in the future.

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HighStreet at Hilton announced
June 15, 2008
High Street at Hilton
High Street at Hilton opens for leasing opportunities. NextGen Reality's CG fly-through released showcasing the development's amazing facilties.

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